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Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 to $550 billion in lost productivity per year.

What's going on?

Employees are:

  • Bringing consumer expectation (e.g. choice, personalized attention, and instant feedback) into the workplace.
  • Looking for regular feedback and opportunities for rapid growth from their leaders.
  • Driven by the "why" and want to feel like they're more than a cog in a massive machine.

Yet we're still doing:

  • Company-wide surveys that feel impersonal.
  • Feedback through performance reviews that are too infrequent and feel one-sided.
  • Leadership style that focuses on only the "what" and "how" while skipping the "why".

We need to get better at listening to our employees.

Dialogue is reinventing how managers have conversations with their people.

How do we have conversations that matter?

Sync up on perspectives.

Before each 1:1 conversation, share views on how things are going to surface engagement issues before they get too big.

Screenshot of perspectives

Share topics ahead of time.

Conversations are important. Don't leave it up to chance. Plan ahead and share what you want to chat about.

Screenshot of topics

Learn how everyone likes to work.

Share with each other how you like to work so that you can understand each other better. We're all human and we have quirks.

Screenshot of guidebook

Get personalized insights.

Before each conversation, get insights and coaching to help make the conversation be more fruitful. The language we use and the way we approach topics are very important.

Screenshot of insights

Stay on the same page after each conversation.

After each 1:1 conversation, reflect on how it went so that there's no confusion. Recognize each other for behaviors that build strong relationships.

Screenshot of recap

Pursue goals together.

Track goals and tasks with each conversation so that nothing falls through the cracks. Goals are also more likely to succeed when you have a partner to support you.

Screenshot of goals

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