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Dialogue helps you have regular 1:1 conversations that support and strengthen relationships.

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"[A great manager] expresses interest/concern for team members’ success and personal well-being." - Google re:Work

Dialogue helps you be a great manager.

Made for managers

  • New to 1:1s? A simple on-boarding experience to get you and your team familiar with a 1:1 workflow.
  • Anxious about giving feedback? Learn more about ways to give feedback that is more approachable and accessible.
  • Feeling lost keeping track of commitments? Share summaries and easily review past 1:1s so that you’re always prepared.
  • Worried if you're being a good manager? Better understand how each of your direct reports are feeling and get tailored tips on how to help them.

Made for employees

  • Feeling a bit neglected? Your manager gets nudged if they fall behind a good 1:1 tempo.
  • Stressed about bringing up difficult topics? Get advice on ways to approach complicated conversations in a positive manner.
  • Worried about how you're doing? Learn concrete ways to ask for things you're doing well and things you could improve on.

"Great managers have the following talents... they build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency. " - Gallup

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