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What do high performing teams look like?

They build trust

At the heart of every effective team is trust. Team members feel safe enough to be vulnerable with each other.

They exchange feedback

Managers and team members ask for and give feedback that challenges each other to listen and learn while also maintaining respect and care.

They clarify and share goals

Team members are aware of where they are and where they need to go. They have absolute clarity around personal and team goals and responsibilities.

They learn together

Team members are constantly exchanging ideas, sharing insights, and encouraging each other’s growth and success.

They reflect and get better

Team members collectively try to understand how they’re doing and find ways to get better.

Dialogue is the performance coach for managers and their teams.

Learn and Connect With Each Other Relationship CRM

  • Clarify personal work styles and preferences through Guidebook questions.
  • Remember important details about each teammate to strengthen relationships.
Screenshot of CRM features

Engage and Understand Structured 1:1s

  • Use sample questions and tips to reveal how each team member is feeling.
  • Endorse positive behaviors that strengthen the entire team.
  • Connect with colleagues in different roles using structured peer and mentoring 1:1s.
Screenshot of topics

Focus on Growth Goals, Milestones, and Tasks

  • Create and track progress on personal and team goals to help the team stay aligned.
  • Pursue goals together by cheering on team members as they achieve key milestones.
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Share Status and Knowledge Team Newsletters

  • Share information with team members on a scheduled basis instead of disrupting their workflow.
  • Communicate progress and status easily within your team and with external partners.
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